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The typical landscape of Tuscany is a combination of flat lands and hills, with wide grape and olive tree cultivations, long lines of cypresses and farms, giving the visitor a sense of harmony and elegant natural beauty.
But Tuscany is also famous for the sea, with small and untouched island, a real enchanting and unforgettable landscape.
Going through the old Via Aurelia, still running along the coast line and connecting lots of towns and village, you can see interesting traces of history: interesting routes, crossing beaches, cliffs and wonderful archeologic places, protected parks, Mediterranean bush, pine forests, woods and hills, wher you can feel the magic of Etruscan, Roman and Medieval history and art.
We are in the middle of Costa degli Etruschi, a wonderful place that still keeps the original charm of an old land protected by centuries of history, a place where you can feel a deep harmony between man and nature.